Baltic Sea Pier

Here is another smartphone snapshot from the past. I like it because of the leading line, the pier. The original had really dull or boring colours. I decided to try different black and white settings and found one that I really liked. I’d say it’s a minimalist photo, but I like that too. The photo was taken at the Baltic Sea in Travem√ľnde. I totally love that place, not just because it’s so close to me, but I am a Fischkopp to the core (a fishhead, a person from Northern Germany, someone who couldn’t live at a place far away … Continue reading Baltic Sea Pier

Shenanigans With The Cat

As I said often, from time to time I also want to upload some older snapshots that I shot with a smartphone. Especially if they are funny or interesting. Above is a photo that I shot around 2010. I sometimes do funny things with my cat, just shenanigans, like putting something on her head and waiting for her reaction. Sometimes she is confused like in the image above, other times she starts playing with me. And that’s pretty much what it is about, spending time with my cat, having a bit of fun. Cats just love changes, like new situations, … Continue reading Shenanigans With The Cat

How To Make Firefox Give You A Warning Before You Close Multiple Tabs

Usually, Firefox will give a warning if you want to close the browser with multiple tabs opened. This saved my day a couple of times when I almost accidentally closed important tabs. But some days ago I accidentally unchecked the “Warn me when closing multiple tabs” checkbox. If you did that accidentally too, but if you actually want to get a warning before you close multiple tabs, in this short guide you will learn how to re-enable the warning. It’s pretty easy, so let’s take a look how to enable the warning again… Pay attention to the Firefox address bar. … Continue reading How To Make Firefox Give You A Warning Before You Close Multiple Tabs


Above is a photo of my cat Shyna again. Yes, Shyna`s photo library on my blog is still not big enough. I need to work on this. I am kidding. But you know, I like her so much that she’s not just a part of my life but also a part of my personal blog. Back then I often published photos of her in colour and I still do, but somehow I also like these photos in black and white. It totally works. Continue reading Tuxedo

White Chicken

As I often said, my mother has chickens in her garden. I sometimes take photos of them. Above is a close-up shot of a white chicken that I took this summer. I somehow find chickens funny, when I am in the garden, they often follow me everywhere. But they are not completely free, they can’t roam around through the whole garden area. They have their special area, but it’s a fairly large lawn. If I am a chicken in my next life, I want to be in a similar garden, haha. Continue reading White Chicken