Here is a photo that I took some time ago in our garden. I noticed a wasp on a wooden beam and thought I take the photo. I took a lot of inscent photos back then when I was still using my point and shoot camera. That worked quite well back then because it had some kind of pseudo-macro mode. It’s a lot more difficult with my DSLR due to the focus distance limits and I didn’t invest into a macro lens yet. Maybe I do in the future because I am interested, although it’s nowhere at the top of … Continue reading Wasp

Fishing Near A Bridge

Time flies, the photo above was taken at the beginning of 2015. That was just a few months after I got my first DSLR camera. So, I was still practicing and not quite sure what makes a good scene. But to be honest, I find the scene in the image quite interesting. I do just think that the bridge is a bit too intrusive. Maybe I would have shot the image from a better angle today, but that’s what photography is about, experimenting, discovering, improving and getting your own style. The person on the right was quite blurry and it … Continue reading Fishing Near A Bridge

Blogging: Own Thoughts, Own Photos

Going through my photo library, I found the close-up photo you can see above. Not very special as a subject, but I like to take close-up photos. Also, do you know what a really good side effect of a photo blog is? I shot and uploaded so many photos, that I would in many cases always find a fitting photo for articles I plan to write on my blog. I actually mentioned this once in an article I called “Take Your Own Stock Images“. So, with the photo above it’s the same. If I ever write about anything related to … Continue reading Blogging: Own Thoughts, Own Photos

Mission Gibson Les Paul

No, the guitar in the photo above is not a Gibson Les Paul, I just needed a related photo because I wanted to talk about guitars. It’s actually my Guild Bluesbird, and I absolutely love that guitar as all my others. But the thing is, I don’t think my collection is complete unless I get myself a Gibson Les Paul in the future. It’s not exactly that it would improve my life, I am already very well set with guitars, but it’s basically a prestige project because I’d like to play with some of the most iconic guitars. Apart from … Continue reading Mission Gibson Les Paul