Wild Goose Close-Up

Here is a photo that I shot yesterday. There is a pond in one of the parks and I found wild gooses and they came pretty close. So, I managed it to take some close-up photos. I also saw fledglings that I could photograph. I will upload these photos later or another day. I also had a bit of small talk with strangers who watches the birds too. I even chatted with another photographer. Continue reading Wild Goose Close-Up

Crawling out of a Hole

I didn’t feel very good over the last days. I’d call it a short relapse of depression. I probably never get rid of these issues, but I learned to live with it or how to maneuver myself faster out of it. But maybe it was a mix of that and spring fever. The weather was also not constant, we had very cold days and very warm days, and temperatures in-between. That’s at least what I noticed when I found the energy to open my windows. I am very sensitive to these changes too. I was pretty exhausted and tired all-day. … Continue reading Crawling out of a Hole

Old Bridge

We have some really cool and old bridges in Lübeck, as the one in the picture above. You can also see the Trave channel in the picture. There are some really cool parks on the side and it’s fun to hike there during spring or summer. On the way you see both, nature but also manmade stuff like old bridges. And as you can see in the background, there are also restaurants where people hang out. The image above was quite foggy, but I removed it. It’s not really a special photo, but I also didn’t want to delete it … Continue reading Old Bridge