Black Outdoor Cat

Above is an older photo of a cat. I shot this photo in 2017. The highlights were overblown and the colors were boring as well, which is why I decided to convert it to black and white. I also cropped the image on a way that the cat is more on the right side of the image. I am not sure, it just looked much better than having the cat in the middle, especially after I flipped the image horizontally. I think what I liked about this was that the cat is now looking into the empty space on the … Continue reading Black Outdoor Cat

Outdoor Cat

Above is another photo that I shot to extend the cat category on my blog. As I mentioned previously, I challenged myself to find cats outside and photograph them. I do already have quite a few cat photos on my blog but the majority of them are photos of my own cat. But I like all cats and thought I go outside to find some and photograph them. The cat in the photo above is the same cat I showed you already in this post. Continue reading Outdoor Cat

I Met The Same Cat Again

Do you remember the beautiful ginger cat I posted the previous days? I walked through the same garden area today and found it again. I thought I take a new photo. The previous photo of this cat was really cool as it was a close-up photo. The new photo isn’t as good but still a photo I want to show you. It seems the cat always guards the same path and the same garden gate. So, here is the beautiful cat again… Continue reading I Met The Same Cat Again

Battle-scarred Tuxedo

The title of this post is maybe a bit exaggerated, but I called it “Battle-scarred Tuxedo” because the cat in the photo above looks like it was involved in a brawl or two. The nose looks battered, and it appears like the cat has some kind of battle scar below one of the eyes. Also, this cat doesn’t exactly make the impression to be welcoming. It rather looks like a mad cat. It also walked confidently straight into my direction. I think this cat is the boss of a gang because there have been three cats on the same garden … Continue reading Battle-scarred Tuxedo

Another Day, Another Cat

I walked through the garden areas again today, with the same intention as the previous days. I wanted to find more cats and I wanted to photograph them. I found the cat in the picture above and it let me get pretty close. So, I could get a close-up photo but I am somewhat sad about the distracting plant stem near the left eye. But you can’t always get your photos right or as you want them. But I got a few other photos of this cat. The cat jumped through a hedge, into one of the garden plots. Now … Continue reading Another Day, Another Cat