Town in Thuringia

Here is a snapshot taken while driving through Thuringia. The snapshot was taken in 2011, that was the year I started my blog as you can see in my yearly archieves. How time flies. I am already blogging 9 years on this domain, it’s crazy when I think about it. Talking about the snapshot again, it’s not the best photo but also not one I want to delete and my blog is a great place to store photos. Continue reading Town in Thuringia

Tabby in the Jungle

Here is a photo of a tabby cat I saw when I walked through the gardens. I only had like 3 seconds to take the photo until the cat disappeared in the shrubs. So, it’s basically a snapshot and I couldn’t care about perfection. But I am still glad that I managed it to photograph the cat even if the photo is not perfect. By the way, it might be that I spotted the same cat already once in the past, it could be the same cat I showed you in this post but I am not hundred percent sure. Continue reading Tabby in the Jungle

Beautiful Cat

Here is the cat again that I showed you already in another post. I sometimes hold some pictures back, either because I want to have something to post or because I want to edit the photos differently and there might be other reasons. Sometimes I also want to present photos individually. Galleries are cool but some special photos get lost in the shuffle, that’s why I don’t always use them. Continue reading Beautiful Cat