Rediscovered: The Food Lesson

Did I Live Inexpensively Enough? Recently, I had a realization about something again I already knew but didn’t implement into my lifestyle often enough. I do cook sometimes, but the big word here is “sometimes”. Sometimes? It could mean anything from one to three days per week but barely more often than that. And the remaining days I am just lazy and use convenience food and I definitely found my favorites there. So, it was a mix of both, cooking and using convenience food. Apart from that, I usually shopped for a number of groceries which would be enough for … Continue reading Rediscovered: The Food Lesson


They are going to close all community facilities in our city Lübeck but I’ve heard it’s the same for many other cities in Germany. From Monday, March 16 to approximately April 19, all schools, administrative bodies, museums, archives, adult education centers, swimming pools, youth leisure facilities, neighborhood offices, and gymnasiums will be closed in Lübeck according to HL-Live. Apart from that, citizens aren’t allowed to visit their relatives in retirement homes anymore. These drastic measures are taken to ensure that Covid-19 can not further spread. The last official information from March 15 is that we have 9 confirmed cases in … Continue reading Shutdown