Old Film Photo: Corry

What you see at the top is an old analog photo I shot when I was very young. This was our family dog Corry and I loved her so much. She brought me a lot of joy when I was young. When I was sad, she noticed it and cheered me up. When I was happy, she noticed it and asked me to play with her. I liked to go for a walk with her, spend a lot of time playing with her outside. She was also the reason I met a girl. That Polish girl was beautiful and in … Continue reading Old Film Photo: Corry

Happy New Year

This year was pretty abstract, so let’s start with an abstract photo on my blog. Seriously, this time I didn’t expect that I could get any firework photos as stores were not allowed to sell them this year, thus I did just leave the camera at home. I visited my mother and since grandma and grandpa don’t live far away either, I said hello to them too. But then I went back to my mother and we ate something, talked and waited until the year was over. So, while her husband worked, she wasn’t alone. Even if stores couldn’t sell … Continue reading Happy New Year