A Nostalgic Trip Back Into Second Life

I just dug out a dusty Second Life account that I created 13 years and 7 months ago. I can’t believe how time flies. Back in the days, I fell in love with Second Life. I’ve heard about this virtual world and thought it would be some kind of a game. Of course, interested in all kinds of games, I had to take a look. The reason why I stayed for a long time was that I discovered that it wasn’t exactly something you could call a game. I soon discovered that it was a virtual world where users could … Continue reading A Nostalgic Trip Back Into Second Life

Ginger Cat

A week ago I was walking outside with my camera. I haven’t found a lot of things I wanted to take photos of until I saw this beautiful cat. The ginger cat was guarding one of the properties. The cat was uninterested in me and didn’t look into my camera. I eventually tricked the cat by whistling quietly. There was a chance the cat would run away but the photo would have been bad otherwise anyway, so I took the chance. And see, the cat was looking into my camera and I got a nice shot. The photo was pretty … Continue reading Ginger Cat