How to Manually Create a Cardano QR Code


In this guide, you will learn how to manually create a Cardano QR Code so that you can use it to receive ADA payments. Some wallets don’t have this feature integrated yet but there is a nifty workaround you can make use of. Sure, there are some web services that help you to do it too, but the issue is that they usually put their URL or brand name into the QR Code image. In this guide, however, you will learn how to create a clean Cardano QR Code without any shenanigans in the image. To explain further, we will make use of the Google Charts API (syntax) to create our personal and clean Cardano address QR Codes.

How to Create a QR Code for your Cardano Address

  1. Copy the following address into the URL area of your browser without hitting enter:×150&cht=qr&choe=UTF-8&chl=
  2. Add your Cardano address behind the equal sign of the Google API address you just pasted.
  3. Hit enter and enjoy your freshly generated QR Code. You can now right-click and save the PNG image where you like!
  4. Verify if the address of your QR Code is right. If it is, you’re ready to use your QR Code anywhere to receive ADA.

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