Young Artist at Work

my grand cousin

As I might have said in some of my previous posts, my grand cousin is the foster child of my mother. But as I visit my mother quite often, I am basically involved too. I play with her often, I teach her things as well.  I do a lot of things with her and keep her busy, either alone so that my mother can do some errands or chores or we do entertaining things together. When I took the photo at the top, my mother was a bit busy and asked me if I could keep an eye on my grand cousin for two hours.  We watched some books, played with some of her toys and then I went with her on the balcony where she wanted to play with crayons. Here is the result of her work (I made it a little bit more colorful with effects)…

my grand cousin painted this

2 thoughts on “Young Artist at Work

    1. Definitely 🙂 I do enjoy that a lot. She is so cute and it’s fun to see her learn things, pick things up (like her first words, your gestures, your body language and what not). It’s also fun to have the justification to be a kid youself again too lol. Now I can grab a ball again and play on the lawn with her and things like that 😀 And many situations where you can laugh… with a reason or without a reason… like kids are. Just laughing, smiling. It totally gives me deja vus and memories of my own childhood. I thought some memories were lost, but they aren’t… for example, when I watched trains with her, memories came up that family members did the exact same with me, at the exact same spots. Those pictures pop up in my head regularly now. It’s also fun to give something to the kid… giving experiences… making her experience a wonderful childhood. It makes me happy too.

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