The New PC – System Specifications and Pictures

As previously mentioned, I wanted to upload some final images of the PC I did build as the RGB LED’s look kinda cool. So, at the top you see the PC without the dark tempered glass side attached yet. I can control the LED’s of both memory sticks individually, I can control the mainboard LED’s and the GPU LED’s individually as well. But as you can see, I like it simple and have them all set to one color, I am going with blue right now. Below, you will find a photo of the PC with the glass side attached, … Continue reading The New PC – System Specifications and Pictures

Kitty in the Box

Like always, I did let my cat use the cardboard box of my online delivery. But it seems like she got bored of it after three days. I then used duct tape to seal the box and cut a smaller hole in it. Immediately, she became interested again. I can place the cardboard box differently, for varied fun. In the photo at the top, I placed the box upright and as you can see, she went in there and looked out of the hole. I shot a whole set of photos of her today while we played with the box. … Continue reading Kitty in the Box