Just an Update

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I haven’t updated my blog in a while and if so, only irregularly. I might have mentioned some of the reasons somewhere but I don’t know. Which is funny, because usually I was always able to recall the most recent things I wrote. But right now, I would need to cheat and take a look. I think as soon as the blog is not one of your main focusses in your life anymore as other things happen, you make room for what takes more time. If you enjoyed my posts in the past, don’t be disappointed, these are not my final words on this blog. I will occasionally share my thoughts or pictures, and maybe there will be a time when I do it excessively again (because it’s a cool activity I do enjoy when there is time). But right now, I am at home with the flu or something, so, at least near-term, you can expect some posts over the next days or not. What happened recently in my life?

Well, a while ago, I found an occupation that is very compatible with my health problems that plagues me over two decades. Some of you know, it came and go, but I’ve always had a lowered stress level, and it resulted in anxiety, later depression and sleep problems. While it became less and less of an issue over time as I learned to live with it and listen to signals that my body and mind shows me, or as I learned strategies to deal with it when there is a bad time again, it never really disappeared entirely. Job-related that has been a huge problem. But the problem at least disappeared for now as I have a highly flexible occupation, with flexible hours, one where I can use many of my pre-existing skills, which releaves a lot of stress. But I am happy that this is now the case but it also means that it takes some of my time away and you put your priorities for the free time differently.

Meanwhile, some of you have read it, my mother got my cousins baby as foster-child since birth and it’s still the case. And I am a family guy, visit my mother regularly, and eventually became involved too, by taking care in the free time as well. This is not really a huge problem for me, it’s actually a lot of fun. And hey, it’s my foster-sister, and I saw her growing up, she turned 2 years old recently. It’s also not that I give up all my free time, it’s more that the more things happen, the less time you have to distribute on different of your interests. So, you need to manage it more, but I don’t come too short. I still do all the things I like. ALthough, photography maybe came a bit short recently, but if I want to share an image on my blog, I could still look for one in my library that contains several thousand not yet uploaded photos (laugh). Oh, and by the way, my cat doesn’t come too short, I am regularly at home.

I hope you all had a good time too!


17 thoughts on “Just an Update

    1. I’m all right. 🙂 Couldn’t be better! I think I just made some remarks on the past. Some of the mentioned problems come and go, but recently haven’t been a huge problem at all.

      I hope you are good? While I’ve been silent in the blogosphere, I always clicked on your email notifications and looked at the photos you uploaded!

      1. Oh that’s so nice, thanks for looking at my photos! I’m glad your OK, I’m fine. Same stuff different today but I’m grateful for this.

        1. I am glad you’re fine too!

          It’s more time consuming to prepare posts and photos, especially as I prefer to do this on the PC and not on the phone. So, I do either have time for it or not. But even with not enough time at hands, you can enjoy what the ones you follow uploaded on their blogs. I’m doing that with my phone, EVERYWHERE, in waiting rooms, in the train… whenever I want to kill time 😀

  1. I appreciate what you do post, whenever you post! I’ve managed a daily post for so long I can’t recall the last time I missed a day, but there have been times I felt like not posting by did because there are some people who follow my post as a way of learning if I am well! Miss a day, and I get a phone call of message on Facebook asking if I am OK.

    1. Thank you. Yes, that is actually true… I’ve been in a lot of online communities in the past, and most of the are toxic places that you leave as soon as you can, for the sake of your own health. But the WordPress community is so different, that when you stick longer to blogging than those who give up after a year, you grow into the community. Partly also because of the type of content we bloggers create and share with each other, with personal things too. The respectful attidude we all have. So, over time they don’t seem like online strangers to you. Some of us even share personal things that we never shared with someone in real… so, you really get to know people here, and then you also care how they are doing, when they stop posting. I totally noticed that too!

  2. Life changes and as much fun as it is to blog real life must come first. I am glad you are enjoying your work and I know you must find your family commitments very satisfying. Hpe the flu will be better soon.

    1. True. That’s how I see it. But I will keep posting some things once in a while, or more often when there is idle time. That’s currently the case with the flu, as I stay home to not infect my family.

      Generally, preparing posts and photos, can eat quite some time… I felt like I also need to protect my eyes now… when you had home office, it’s really good to go outside and not continue to work on the PC in your free time, because one day I really got overstrained eyes. I still check posts of my WordPress fellows tho, it’s not as time consuming as working on my own blog, and I still like to check the photos people post, and it can be done during home office idle time… I got a company notebook only for work, beside my own PC.

      Yes, I still enjoy the family commitments. Only downside of child care is that you get the flu more often. 5 times this year! My little foster-sister is in a day care center for some hours in the morning. She always brings something home from the other kids lol… really a downside. But well, that’s how it is.

      I hope you have a good time Vanda.

        1. Yeah, please no…. don’t want that.

          But the good thing is that the kindergarteners take it very serious. Just recently a couple reported them that their child might have hand mouth foot disease and that it stays home. So, everyone got a phone call to be alarmed, to check their childs and themselves for any symptoms. Eventually they just closed the kindergarden, it’s now 2 weeks free for the childs… Anyway, my foster-sister likely got the flu from there, and I most likely got it from her.

    1. I have been quite well over the years. I just needed to adjust and develop ways to deal with it when it gets worse again. But overall I am ok.

      Right now not so much… but that has another reason. I am love sick after a 3 month experiment with a women… hat has not been much time, but the 3 months have been intense… it was pure fire in a positive and negative sense. In the end, it’s not the person I thought it would be… and she is not healthy for me.

      I feel bad now, but I need to move forward now.

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