Living Together

I moved together with my girlfriend. This happened weeks ago. And of course, I took my cat with me. In this post, I will show you some photos of the day my cat arrived. There is also a video I uploaded to my YouTube channel.


4 thoughts on “Living Together

  1. I saw your video the other day Dennis so guessed you had moved in with your girlfriend. Shyna looks very suspicious. How does she like it there now?
    Congratulations by the way.

    1. Thank you. Shyna was indeed suspicious and shy at first. But she got used to my girlfriend very quickly in just two or three day. My girlfriend doesn’t force the situation, basically ignored my cat and that worked wonders. Now, Shyna quite often goes to my girlfriend instead of me (lol)… I speculated that it’s also the calm voice of my girlfriend. Also, Shyna jumps on our bed and cuddles with us both but at some point she goes to her sleeping place. My girlfriend has a son, when he is around, my cat is mostly hidden… we told him to not force it but he is 5 and just slowly understands it. The last days, my cat came out even if he came from the kindergarden. So, it seems Shyna gets used to him slowly.

      1. I find that’s usually best with cats, not to force the issue. It’s good that she is getting used to the little boy. I know you will be teaching him the right way to behave with pets so Shyna will not have to worry. It took a long time for Polly to get used to Naomi’s two dogs but they all accept each other now.

        1. Yes, your example or my example… those are big changes for the cats. So, it takes a bit of time. But it’ll work 🙂

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