We’re Married

I married yesterday. Now she is my wife and I am her husband. It was a wonderful day. We have choosen a wedding vow. We did repeat each sentence and at the end she started to shake, and even her lips shaked while I did hold her hands. I almost cried but was able to hold it back. The start of our relationship wasn’t easy due to our fears but we couldn’t imagine a life anymore without each other. We both are so happy that we found each other because what followed was love. I thought for a long time that I already experienced love before but it was not the same like now. I feel so accepted, so respected, so understood, so loved. I love her so much and I do enjoy each moment with her, and the way we communicate about beautiful things but also problems, made it clear that this is the woman I want to share my future with.

Our wedding vow will remind us of this, that there are beautiful moments ahead but also bad times. That we solve problems and stick together in bad times, and that will enjoy the beautiful moments together. It reminds us that we will share everything and that we will be loyal. That we are from now on a team, a family. I can’t comprehent how lucky I am. It was so unexpected and honestly, I didn’t see this coming. I just gave up hope to find someone to share my life with, but then I found her. I love my wife. She has a beautiful first name, but now she also has my last name, our last name.

married - our rings


7 thoughts on “We’re Married

  1. Dennis, for some reason this post didn’t show up in my feed. I’m so sorry I didn’t comment sooner. Congratulations to you both. You deserve to be happy together after all you both went through to get to this point. Wishing you my very best.

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