Angry Face Sketch

I just drew this sketch as I needed a cover photo for one of my most recent posts about my borderline wife (as theme I use for this blog, always needs a cover photo for the front page). As she is currently devaluing me, I thought an angry face would fit. I didn’t expect that I would come up with a good sketch but was surprised when my sketch didn’t turn out to be too bad.

For some reason, it was also pretty soothing to use the pencil and eraser and try something out. I am better at photography or photo and graphic editing on the computer, and not so good at drawing something. But as soothing as it was yesterday, I somehow couldn’t stop. And tried to draw more female faces (because I better practice just one thing right now).

I think I came up with some interesting sketches yesterday and today. I might upload some of them now or the next days. Well, that’s it. Maybe I slowly recover from my breakup and find the energy again to keep myself busy with productive things. Well, I would say attempting to sketch is not a bad first step.

I already attempted to draw cartoon or face in the past as you can see here, but I didn’t continue at that time.


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