Female Face Sketch

As I said in another post, I drew some female face sketches today and yesterday. I am not good at drawing but I must say each sketch got better and better. Maybe I should show you the first ones too, they looked hilarious compared to the one at the top. I am not saying that the sketch in the current post is perfect, but it’s far better than my first ones, which remain a secret for now (laugh). It’s really soothing to draw.


17 thoughts on “Female Face Sketch

    1. It’s really fun to practice this. With each sketch I see improvements. The first ones are really nothing compared to the one at the top 🙂

        1. That’s true. But only helps for a while. My wife was at it again… just heard something today while visiting authorities… new problems to solve because of her lies. She told the report section that I left the apartment long before the court appointment… what a lie. With retroactive effect, they removed me from their database since the end of the last year… man… nuts. I am glad I have all court papers… she basically told them that I moved out 3 months before I have her the keys… and they? They just believe my wife lol… so, new paper work for me.

        2. Yeah.. That’s exactly how I sat in the registration office. Not sure what to say… but then I started. Anyway, result… new paper work.

        3. Yes. That and more is why I will never marry again and have not bothered with dating since 2016. It’s too costly in terms of money and emotions.

        4. I do understand. The way she love-bombed me, it all seemed to be so perfect, and then this.. I have no clue if I ever be able to trust someone again either. Yeah, money, emotions… and I even feel like it took a huge toll on my health.

        5. If you lost weight from this as I did, don’t worry. Keep eating your regular diet. That probably sounds like a dumb thing to say but I lived it. My neighbor lost a good bit of weight after his divorce…

        6. Yes that too. I think my face looks already more skinny. I still manage it to eat well… with the exception of some days when the stress was severe.

  1. It looks far better than anything I could draw. I used to draw comics years ago, fantasizing that I could be the next Gary Larson. The ideas were funny but the drawings were terrible. I hoped that I could learn to draw but I could not motivate myself to practice. Eventually, I stopped trying to come up with new ideas.

    1. Same here. Once in a while I tried again. I find it difficult to master. I bet I won’t stick with it this time either. But who knows. I am better with digital graphics editing or photo editing.

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