One More Sketch

I thought I do upload one more sketch. As the other sketches, I drew this one with a pencil too but it looks digitalized as I took a picture of it and edited it Photoshop. You can click on the image to see a larger version as this is linked to the media file. I think this sketch is not too bad either for a total drawing noob. What do you think?


10 thoughts on “One More Sketch

  1. She looks rather disgusted with a boyfriend or husband. That is my first thought upon seeing the image. Not bad at all, Dennis!

    1. Yeah. Definitely an image I could use as cover image if I write about my wife again (laugh). Although, the facial impressions of the sketch are not nearly as close as the ones of my wife if she looks at me with despise. Haha.

    1. It was therapeutic the last two days. But today there is new trouble on the horizon. Visited the authorities… with retroactive effect, I am no longer registered in Germany. My wife basically told them that I left the apartment 3 months before the court date. And she didn’t tell them that the court decision is temporary, and not final, didn’t tell them that I am still in the lease contract, and that she just got the keys but has to put mails into the mailbox of my mother. I didn’t have to re-register unless I have found my own apartment, that was the deal. Well, now I have new paper work…

      Authorities do now think I moved out in November and didn’t re-register (laugh). Fascinating how much damage such a person can cause. Well, I can prove everything, have the court papers… but still interesting how much vitriol she still has for me.

      It’s going to be so difficult to co-parent with her. I am at a new low, because today it was visible again what is coming for me. She lies everywhere, or doesn’t understand papers and things… the date she mentioned at the authority record section, is our breakup date but definitely not the date I moved out. I moved out 3 months later… But technically, like it was said at court, I am not moving out, I am giving her the apartment temporarlity until divorce where the final decision will be made. Doesn’t mean I want the apartment, I definitely let her have the apartment… it just means, I don’t have to re-register until then. You need a year of separation before divorse… they do this so that the married couple can calm down again, getting the option to reconcile.

      I am visitor at my moms home, not tenant yet. But my wife just told authorities I moved out, and even told them a date 3 months before I gave her the keys lol. Now I am basically non registered. Of course I can prove everything… but with her, you can’t catch a breath. New paper work 😦

        1. Yes it is. I think you would call the office “registration office”? We can get or change idendity cards there, or register that you have a new home, or get criminal records for job offers and a lot more things in these offices. I went there to get criminal records as my I am now a longer visitor at my moms home and youth welfare service is required to check longer visitors. That’s how I noticed the issue today… They said “There is another problem..” and I thought “Wait, what???”.

        2. To explain. If you have a new apartment, you basivally have to go to these offices and tell them that you live at a new location/home. They will then also change your identity card as well.

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