The Workstation

When I moved out of the apartment where I lived with my wife, and when it became clear that I would be a long time visitor at my mother’s apartment due to the desolate housing market, I needed a notebook. My workstation was usually a high end gaming rig, a desktop PC. I still have that one but I have no desk where I could use the PC. Thus, it was clear that I needed a powerful notebook for gaming and production.

I bought the Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH notebook in February and I am very happy with it so far. I can play all the games I used to play, although I haven’t done it a lot as I still suffered from heartbreak or had other issues to care about. But now I can do what I always have done, being productive again or research information and gaming, if I want to.

For a notebook, all I wanted was a 17.3 inches screen, at least 16GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD with the option to upgrade or put an additional SSD into the notebook. As I always have been an AMD fan, and as I loved my Ryzen CPU in my desktop PC, I of course wanted AMD for my notebook too. The AMD Ryzen 5 5600H CPU is integrated. And the graphic chip is a Nvidia RTX3060, it’s decent enough for gaming.

I hate pre-installed Windows, I really do. I wanted to install and customize everything on my own, thus I went with a DOS notebook, basically notebook without Windows and I installed Windows 10 on my own.

I basically use the notebook in the living room. Look at the photo at the top and see how cozy it is in the evening. Or look below and see that my cat approved the notebook as well…

So, yeah, for now this notebook is my workstation. I mostly used it to write a ton of pages because as you all know, I have a lot of buerocracy at the moments. But I slowly start to use the notebook for production as well. Today I subscribed to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom in the creative cloud, because it’s time that I keep myself busy again with the things I always loved, and this was also graphic editing and photo editing. I already have both installed and let’s see, maybe I slowly get into it again.


8 thoughts on “The Workstation

  1. It sounds like your housing market is bad, not enough available. Bummer. I haven’t used a Windows machine in several years, Dennis, I use my MacBook Pro for everything and have an iPad and iPhone. Nice cat!

    1. It will even get worse. Right now, 700.000 apartments are missing in Germany. In 2024 there will be 1.4 million apartments missing for German citizens. Most experts think we will have a 5-10 years long housing crisis in Germany. This happens when a nation is run by white nights, opening borders to help everyone without considering aspects like if there are enough appartments for citizens and refugees and other issues that pop up when you take in millions of new citizens. Helping is good, but only if the help is realistic and doesn’t break the own backbone. Wouldn’t have thought that I will live at moms home again with 41 (laugh).. thanks wife, thanks German government.

      I’ve never used Apple products but I was always curious about those Apple notebooks. I have a pad too, but it’s Samsung. My phone is a Huawei, I like that one.

      1. I don’t know what you mean by Missing, you may mean available. I wish I were 41 years young again! I’m 62. You have an open border problem too? Our southern border is under attack by Mexicans and other countries in South America, and our stupid government basically refuses to shut it down thanks to the liberals, otherwise known as Democrats. Sickening!

        1. I mean that 700.000 apartments must be built to satisfy current demand. And it’s getting worse the next years. On a more local level… when I show interest in an apartment that is advertised, I am in competition with 30-200 people. The last one showed “contacted by 30 people”. 30 was the lowest I’ve seen. It’s nuts.

          Yeah, it’s the same here. 2015 was really taught for Germany as you might have heard. Crime went up like crazy, noticably during that time. With the Ukrainians right now, I am fine, they do at least have European or western values (and don’t think they get access to heavens paradise if they kill us, laugh)… met a lot of good Ukrainians in the past and even recently. But the quantities are unrealistic…

        2. I understand, that is really bad, Dennis! I hope that your government and local governments can get this situation fixed very soon. Putin is a madman!

  2. I am so glad that I am a home owner. Getting rental accommodation is difficult even if you can afford it. Basically going to look at a rental property is almost like a job interview these days. It’s important to make that good impression on the landlord or their agent because they can pick and choose who they want to rent to.

  3. With the world forecast to experience a (likely terminal) drastic population crash (the peak being reached in around 2050-70 and then trailing off massively), you may be grateful for anyone wanting to make their home in your country…

    However, fiscal enticements in South Korea, Japan, France, Russia, Hungary, China and elsewhere have had no effect in getting people to reproduce 😦

    Only eight nations are forecast to have positive growth during the next half century, and then they will turn negative too.

    China and east Asia appear to think that automation and robotics will be enough to replace the lost workers that are needed to support an ageing demographic, rather than immigration. Even so, those with smaller and rapidly declining populations (eg Russia) will find it harder and harder to wield any sort of influence in global decision making.

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