Shyna Portrait

Today I shot a photo of my cat Shyna with my Tamron 70-300 lens. It’s usually the lens that I use when I try to take photos of birds outside, but I noticed several times that it also can be very well used to take portraits. My cat did sleep in her small basket and I thought it would make a great photo, but she noticed it and woke up, but I like the photo anyway. I applied one of the filters in Analog Efex Pro 2, you can get it bundled with other cool preset tools if you download … Continue reading Shyna Portrait

Shyna And My Uncles Family

The above shot was taken during the time I was living in my uncle’s house to help him. My cat Shyna needed a lot of time to get used to the temporary new home, but at some point she started to explore all the rooms, but she enjoyed it the most if nobody apart from us both were there. This changed later on, she started to explore the rooms even if people have been there, but she never seemed to enjoy it as much as if none of the other family members have been there. I can tell you that … Continue reading Shyna And My Uncles Family

Shyna Gets Her Favorite Cat Treats

If you missed her already, here is a new photo of my cat Shyna, or let’s say a new post with a photo of her. I took the photo a few months ago when I got my D7100 and when I was practicing with the camera, but checking my folders I thought the photo would be worth to share. In the photo you see me put one of her favorite cat treats in her mouth. Continue reading Shyna Gets Her Favorite Cat Treats

Cat Harness Training – Shyna On A Leash

Last year when my mother and her husband got their garden parcel, I eventually got the idea that it would be fun if my cat Shyna could enjoy it outside too some day. The only time she was outside was when I got her, because I bought her on a farm and I could imagine that they did let the kittens out in the garden there. Apart from that, she saw the outside when I brought her to the vet. But other than that, she never has been outside which means she is a pure house cat and lives in … Continue reading Cat Harness Training – Shyna On A Leash

The First Photos of Shyna, Old-Times

It’s interesting, I never uploaded the very first photos we took when Shyna moved as a kitten into the apartment where I lived at that time. The only photo that I uploaded of that time is the one that the breeder took. That was the photo before I gave her a home. What I will show you now, that are the photos that I took the early days of her arrival in her new home. All the photos in this post are shot at that time. I sadly have not much photos of that time because I saved them on … Continue reading The First Photos of Shyna, Old-Times