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About the Blog Author

Greetings. My name is Dennis, born and living in Northern Germany. Although my native language is German, I do write in English on this blog about various things that interest me. It helps me to practice the language and it is quite a lot of fun trying to improve.

After some years with the blog, it turns out that I developed interest in photography and I share quite a lot of my photos including stories to each of them. I like to take photos of all kind of things, mainly nature photos of plants, or animal photography but that is not all.

At times I do also write about graphic design. As a geek and gamer, I also wrote quite a lot of technology and gaming related articles. As a guitarist I did also share some thoughts about music and my videos, although I should do this more often. So, my blog is very broad, its what most people call a general blog or a personal blog with various subjects.

Back then, I started the blog out of boredom, there was no real master plan or reason. After a while I noticed that it’s a lot of fun to document the own experiences, daily thoughts or words about things that interest me. Blogging became a routine at some point.

I am also glad that I could find interesting people from all around the world on this way. Apart from that, it’s definitely a good way to improve my English, it’s learning by doing. I could tell you a lot more about myself, but you can find my thoughts on my blog regularly.

I hope you enjoy your stay on this blog, I hope you find something interesting or something helpful. If you want to, you can simply contact me or if any of my articles attracted your attention, write a cool comment there and let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,