I Am Untouchable In My Dreams, And Here Is Why…

I have a recurring dream that I know since a very long time. Back then I had this type of dream quite often, today maybe once a year if I can remember the dream. The dream is always different, but it is usually about a threat on the ground, a group of persons that want to harm me. But the dream is not scary, I’m untouchable because I can fly. The method I use to fly is always the same, I just need to flap with my elbows or arms and then I take off. With each flap I can … Continue reading I Am Untouchable In My Dreams, And Here Is Why…

Discussing The Therapy End

I mentioned already that I was in a therapy since the end of 2014. It’s a therapy for depression and anxiety disorder. I suffered from depression and anxiety disorder but the problems waned over the years as I have read a lot about it and as I developed strategies to reduce the interval of my panic attacks. However, I contacted a therapist anyway last year as I mentioned, reason was that the problems can still randomly appear at times. Also I do often suffer from extreme sleep problems but they come and go in phases as all the other symptoms. … Continue reading Discussing The Therapy End

Yet Again Another Triumph Over The Dental Phobia

I talked quite often about my dental phobia on my blog. Over the last months there was partial success but it´s not always easy as I also suffer from agoraphobia and anxiety attacks but this is another story, but worth to mention as both diseases make something like a dental visit quite difficult. I have my agoraphobia under control since some years now and it was not even clear if it is agoraphobia or social anxiety as it is hard to say but what ever it is, I could fight it back and this makes me very happy. However, the … Continue reading Yet Again Another Triumph Over The Dental Phobia

Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder

Note This is a very long article and for better readability the article is split into pages. You can find the page navigation always below the text content. After reading one page, you can navigate to the next one if you click on the page number buttons at the end of the text content. Also there is a list of pages below each part. On this way you can bookmark pages if you want to continue reading next pages later on. Talking about Depression and Anxiety There is something I never talked about here and the fun fact is that … Continue reading Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder