Alive and First Dental Operation Behind Me With Help of Midazolam

I wrote days ago why I didn´t have the time to write much here and why I didn´t want to write anything as I was too nervous. I am more relaxed now but there are still some dental operations next weeks but compared to the last one they are rather minor I guess. Yesterday (Wednesday) was the big day as I had to visit the oral surgeon because of a root end surgery for one tooth and an extraction of another tooth. I decided days before that I would not let them do all this with me without being sedated. … Continue reading Alive and First Dental Operation Behind Me With Help of Midazolam

Nervous and stressed…

It could be a little bit quieter than usual on my blog next days or even weeks. I didn´t write that much last days as I had to fight with toothache. Explosion would be the best description for the pain last days. It felt like one of my teeth would explode. I visited a dentist who gave me Ibuprofen 600 mg. They helped a little bit to get over the pain. But at the same time my dentist said that the trouble maker would need to be extracted but that he couldn´t do it. He meant that an oral surgeon … Continue reading Nervous and stressed…

Stage Fright While Samsung 105-inch UHD TV Presentation

Film director Michael Bay (his films: Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Transformers) seemed to have stage fright on Samsung’s CES 2014 press event while the presentation of Samsung´s new 105-inch UHD TV. Bay came on stage and did look instantly very uncomfortable in his situation. There was an accident with the teleprompter and it looks like Bay then tried to improvise and that didn´t work out well for him either. He apologized and left the stage immediately. Looks like he couldn´t manage the situation. He completely froze before he left the stage. I think these things can happen if you heavily rely … Continue reading Stage Fright While Samsung 105-inch UHD TV Presentation

Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder

Note This is a very long article and for better readability the article is split into pages. You can find the page navigation always below the text content. After reading one page, you can navigate to the next one if you click on the page number buttons at the end of the text content. Also there is a list of pages below each part. On this way you can bookmark pages if you want to continue reading next pages later on. Talking about Depression and Anxiety There is something I never talked about here and the fun fact is that … Continue reading Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder