Crawling out of a Hole

I didn’t feel very good over the last days. I’d call it a short relapse of depression. I probably never get rid of these issues, but I learned to live with it or how to maneuver myself faster out of it. But maybe it was a mix of that and spring fever. The weather was also not constant, we had very cold days and very warm days, and temperatures in-between. That’s at least what I noticed when I found the energy to open my windows. I am very sensitive to these changes too. I was pretty exhausted and tired all-day. … Continue reading Crawling out of a Hole

Life Keeps Us All Very Busy

The picture above is just a random photo from my library. This here is more of a diary entry, and not so much about the photo. Today I had to go on errands, I basically had a bit of paperwork and wanted to drop the paperwork at the authorities. I like it this way, because I let them copy the paperwork, and I won’t leave if I don’t get a date stamp on my original. In this world, where everyone wants to pee on your knees (as we say in Germany if someone wants to cause issues), it’s better to … Continue reading Life Keeps Us All Very Busy

Dark Mood, Dark Season

You might wonder why I do upload the boring picture above. I think, it describes both very well, my mood and how it looks like outside most of the time. I felt pretty burned out over the last week. I mean it’s dark and grey outside all the time, and it could just be vitamine D deficiency, but since I have experience with depression, I could be worried about a relapse too. But recently I felt so exhausted that I didn’t even had the energy to worry about anything, and apart from that, I learned how to deal with up’s … Continue reading Dark Mood, Dark Season

Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse

I don’t write often about it, not because I wouldn’t like to, rather because the whole issue was not a too big problem anymore, at least when I compare it with the past. The problem was that I suffered from depression and social anxiety years ago. I really got out of this mess, but sometimes things can bounce back for a while. I want to write about this today. I want to fight over the last bastion, that means, I don’t want to feel healthy most of the time, I want to feel healthy all the time. When there are … Continue reading Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse