Husky Portrait

Huskies are very beautiful dogs and I always liked them. When I was a bit younger, I would have liked to get a husky but I didn’t do so as my first apartment was too little and because I got a very beautiful cat. One of my neighbor has a very beautiful husky and sometimes if I see here outside, I talk with her and try to take some dog portraits. I am still not happy with all my pet portraits, but yesterday I could get a nice shot of her husky. I like the result, and I am going … Continue reading Husky Portrait

Beautiful Husky Dog

One of my neighbors has a beautiful husky dog, it’s the dog you see in the photo. I shot some more photos of the dog but if you know me, I do always save some for future uploads like winter time or just any time I want to edit or upload them. I like to have two strings for one bow. I am also too lazy to prepare one than one photo at a time for a single blog post. I am not happy how I framed the dog, I wish I would have taken the image that the whole … Continue reading Beautiful Husky Dog