Homeless Man Got 1000 Dollar With A Lottery Ticket

Some hours ago there popped a video up on YouTube but I found it on Reddit as the video climbed directly to the first place in the “Reddit charts”. That means this video gonna get a lot of attention. The video is about a guy who tells a homeless man, that he can´t donate any money but a winner lottery ticket, although he is not sure how much he won. But it´s a joke as the lottery ticket is not a winning ticket and the kiosk owner is involved in the prank. But look for yourself… Now, here the reason … Continue reading Homeless Man Got 1000 Dollar With A Lottery Ticket

I published Blogpost number 100!

Never thought that I would publish 100 blogposts on this blog. I started this blog sometime ago because I felt bored. But lately I start to pretty much like reading blogs and writing my own articles. I would like to use this blogpost to thank you all for your great stories I can read everyday. For your great photos you show each day. For everything you share. I think the internet is connecting us all nevermind where we are from. Internet makes us share ideas, creativity, knowhow and so much more. Internet is superior! I also would like to thank … Continue reading I published Blogpost number 100!