My Techno Track From 2007

This is one of my original songs. I am into electronic music as well and created this track in 2007. Not just listening, I’ve always created that type of music as well but I’ve never really uploaded any of my stuff as I haven’t finished a lot of the projects. Talking about the song at the top, I called the song “Confused” back in 2007. I recently found the finished track on my hard drive but polished it a little bit.

I think one of the main reasons why I haven’t uploaded my electronic music is that I didn’t have good ideas to create music videos for it. I didn’t have a music video for the track at the top either. But today in the morning, I got this funny idea to just start dancing to my song and recorded myself and edited the video to make it look psychedelic. I added some fancy overlays, colors and did some blending. I added some kind of RGB effect and mirrored the video material. Really makes it look like a classic techno video from the 90s anyhow.

So, yeah, one of my secrets is that I am not just a guitar player. I’ve always enjoyed electronic music as well, not just listening but also creating and that since a long time. It’s just that I usually haven’t finished a lot of my electronic music projects. But the good thing is, if you have the files, you can continue to work on the stuff in the future.


2 thoughts on “My Techno Track From 2007

    1. Thanks John. It was fun to create the video. I recently discovered an app called InShot… it’s a really cool app. You can do some fancy stuff with it even with the free version. I do enjoy working with it.

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