Recent Dub Techno Live Session Record

This is a live session record of a dub techno track I was working on in Ableton Live. Yeah, with 22 minutes, it’s long, very long. But I really had fun with the things I did put together. So, all instruments were arranged and I programmed some chord and percussion patterns first but started mixing the things live while recording. The only thing that I did afterwards was programming some envelope curves for different effects and a little bit of mastering.

Apart from that, it’s pretty much a raw mix or improvisation. I am not sure if anybody will survive the entire 22 minutes but let me know if you’ve done it. The project files are saved, it might be that I will create a shorter version of it in the future but not now. I used one of my own photos for the music video, I actually posted the photo and more of this building here in the past.


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