Printmaking: Strutting Crow

Beside all the serious and sad things that are happening in my life at the moment, I also want to share something with you that made me smile. I got an email from someone called Ema, I once took a photo of a rook bird and this photo inspired her. She is interested in printmaking and made a print inspired by my photo. As she said, “it’s scratching and tearing the film on a piece of laminated card, and then wiping off the ink from the untouched parts”. I haven’t smiled a lot recently, but when I saw how she turned my art into her art, it truly made me smile.. I got permission to share a photo of it. Here is what she created (click on the image to see a larger photo)…

Here is the photo I shot back then. This is the photo she used…


6 thoughts on “Printmaking: Strutting Crow

    1. Photo shot in 2016, I can still remember when I saw that crow… it looked so funny, walked the sidewalk like a human, exemplary, in a straight line… xD

      I like what Ema did with my photo. Cool print.

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