Rook in Black and White

Here is a photo that I thought would be bad too but when converted to black and white, it looked quite interesting. Seeing the flying rook from the side in just black and white reminds me of logos. I mean, the rook from side view would actually work well as a minimized logo element and I bet I’ve seen something similar in logos, either in logos of PC games or logos of movie or game companies. I just don’t know where I’ve seen that, but I am pretty sure I did. Also, I must say I like pictures where you … Continue reading Rook in Black and White

Hungry Rook Bird

Here is a photo of a rook bird. The photo was shot from the inside when I saw the rook bird on the garage roof. Rooks always appeared mysterious to me. We have quite a lot of them in and around our city. Some people say they’re creepy. But I find them very interesting, especially when hundreds or thousands of them fly in formation during bad weather. I don’t know why, but somehow they’re attracted to stormy weather. This is maybe also one of the reasons why people find them creepy. If it gets dark and stormy outside, and you … Continue reading Hungry Rook Bird

Walking Rook Bird

When I go outside for a walk with my camera, I pay a lot of attention to the things around me, and I usually decide if it’s worth to take a picture in a situation or not. But to be honest, sometimes I just take a photo without thinking a lot about it, I talk about random photos that I take spontaneously. This can happen if I am curious how the photo would turn out, if I want to see something up close later on the computer screen, if I am experimenting, or just for the fun to press the … Continue reading Walking Rook Bird