Old Experimental Guitar Recording (Plus Northern German Scenery)

This is a very old guitar recording. I probably recorded several years ago, it was likely recorded in or around 2013. I couldn’t even find a video and it might very well be that I just recorded the audio file back in the days as I haven’t recorded a lot of videos of myself playing during that time. But I found a nice video I took while sitting in a car. It’s a video of Northern Germany scenery and I thought I add it to the guitar video to have moving images for the guitar recording.

Talking about the recording, it somehow sounds like psychedelic vietnam war music and I don’t know why. I just think that personally and I actually tried to find public domain vietnam war footage to add it to my guitar recording but it seems like it’s very difficult to find copyright free material. But I think the Northern German scenery work well too.

I wondered if I recorded the track with my Coxx SD Standard as it was my only electric guitar during that time but it’s more likely that I recorded the track when I borrowed my grandpa’s Vantage X-99 that he sadly sold. It’s funny but I definitely recognize the sound of the pickups of that guitar in my recording. It’s such a signature sound, it’s unmistakeable. I wish I could play that guitar again.

Talking about my video material again, the video of the car drive was shorter than the music track. I then got the idea to duplicate the entire video, reverse and mirror it. That made the video length double. It happens when we drive past the forest or when we get very close to the forest. I bet you wouldn’t have noticed it if I wouldn’t have told you that the video runs in reverse after the forest. Would you have noticed it?


9 thoughts on “Old Experimental Guitar Recording (Plus Northern German Scenery)

    1. Thank you. It’s fun to browse through folders and find old recordings. It’s also fun to check what kind of video material I can mix with the audio.

        1. Being creative is something to enjoy. I love these moments too. Also in other areas. Having a bit of time for myself, and hecking things out, it’s so relaxing.
          I suppose we bloggers are more on the creative side in general.

        2. Yes. Writing is a creative art and it is quite enjoyable for me. I also enjoy photography and graphic design. I wish I could draw or play music but I guess we can’t be good at everything.

        3. Yeah it’s sad that we can’t. I wish too that I could draw. Seen some artists on YouTube, it’s mindblowing. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw someone painting a landscape scenery from scratch, with everything in it, trees, river, rocks and what not. It looked better than most landscape photos I’ve ever seen lol. Some people have insane skills. I really wish we had the time to learn everything. It’s just not possible.

        4. Years ago I started drawing cartoons in a sketchbook. I thought they were quite funny and I imagined I could be the next Gary Larson if I could only draw them better. I tried to learn to draw but my passion was in the humor, not the drawing, so I didn’t put the time in to learn.

        5. I tried it too. As a teenager I drew a lot but like you said, you need to put in the time and continue. It’s sad that we can’t follow several time consuming activities with a high learning curve… 5 years ago I wanted to draw again, but noticed quickly that I would take away the time from other passions. I think it remains just a dream.

          If our days would 4 times as long, like being awake 4 times longer… I would learn a few more things. 🙂

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