Two Solo Takes With The Guild Bluesbird

A week ago I did put a cool drum loop onto a track in Ableton Live and enjoyed listening to it so much that I immedietly grabbed my Guild Bluesbird guitar to record a guitar loop onto another track, so that it’s together a so called backing track I can solo to. I saved the project because I didn’t find the energy or emotion to play a solo. But days later in a good moment, I took the guitar and recorded two solo takes that you can see in the video above.

By the way, I do enjoy the video editing software DaVinci Resolve a lot more than Adobe Premiere. DaVinci Resolve resolve is so much better, I prefer the usability and not just that, they have a free version which I use, and it’s barely limited apart from a few things that I don’t find important. If you’re into video editing, I highly suggest to give DaVinci Resolve a try. Talking my video, let me know if you enjoyed the two takes of guitar soloing. Both takes were improvised, did you like any of them?


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