Mission Gibson Les Paul

No, the guitar in the photo above is not a Gibson Les Paul, I just needed a related photo because I wanted to talk about guitars. It’s actually my Guild Bluesbird, and I absolutely love that guitar as all my others. But the thing is, I don’t think my collection is complete unless I get myself a Gibson Les Paul in the future. It’s not exactly that it would improve my life, I am already very well set with guitars, but it’s basically a prestige project because I’d like to play with some of the most iconic guitars. Apart from … Continue reading Mission Gibson Les Paul

Photo After The Jam

Don’t expect a guitar related post here, it’ll be about photography. I jammed with my Guild Bluesbird today for several hours and then I got too tired to continue to play. I had the guitar still on my lap and when I looked at my guitar, the photographer came out of me because I liked the angle. I wanted to take a photo of that scene but I knew all my lenses wouldn’t work due to the minimum focus distance, because they all can’t focus at this short distance. So, I grabbed my tablet and took the photo. That’s what … Continue reading Photo After The Jam