The Crazy Hot Summer Blues

Playing The Guild Bluesbird

Right now it’s incredibly hot in Germany, at least here in the North where I am. My apartment has the problem that it warms up too much. And usually it’s better to go outside, because I just can’t bear with the temperature in my living room. But today that didn’t make a difference, it was humid inside and humid outside. I mean intolerable humid, because as I always said, I like the summer and I like moderately warm days, but if I can’t stand something, then it is a humid day. But right now we can speak of weeks, and every day tops the next one. We’re smoking.

With that said, that really takes it out of you. I felt aggressive (ok, not really, annoyed is maybe a better word). The weather just bugged me, and there was no escape, especially since I was too lazy to go swimming. You know what? A guitar has something in common with a punchbag. If you are mad, sad or annoyed, you just grab the guitar and you can release all your negative energy. What I find interesting is, no matter how you feel, your mood will flow into the song, or the guitar solo you record. So, I loaded up a backing track I recorded yesterday with my Guild Bluesbird and today I took the same guitar to record a solo to the track.

I think I really did put my mood into the song, and I am not kidding, it was so hot in my living room, I was almost dying while I played the solo. But I do like how it turned out. I’d say it’s blues, but it’s pretty much near the border of rock music, it did at least sound a bit like vintage rock. I called the video and song “The Crazy Hot Summer Blues”, because of everything I wrote previously about the crazy weather, and because the song turned out to be crazy too. The improvised song is below, take a look if you like…


2 thoughts on “The Crazy Hot Summer Blues

    1. Haha yeah, and with a hot guitar. I played my Telecaster several weeks but it’s more a guitar for softer songs and today I wanted to play a different one, my Bluesbird. This guitar is much hotter, perfect fit for blues or vintage type of rock. I find it interesting to use different guitars, because every guitar makes you play very different, because they sound so different 🙂

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