How To Create A Config File For Star Wars Battlefront 2

Like in previous Electronic Arts titles and many other games as well, it’s also possible to create a config file for Star Wars Battlefront 2. You can use the in-game console to enable all kind of console commands but this will not make them run permanently. So, if you want to activate certain commands permanently, you will need to create a config file instead. This is what we will check out in this guide.

How To Create a Config File For Star Wars Battlefront 2

  1. We need to open a text editor like the Notepad that comes with Windows, so, start Notepad now.
  2. In Notepad write all the commands you want to use in Battlefront 2, each command should get its own line. You do most likely know already what kind of commands you want to use, anyway, here is how a config file could look like: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Config Example
  3. Let’s save the file now, but we must save the file with a special file name extension. Notice, my Notepad is in German, but in the English version you need to click on “File” and then choose “Save as” and call the file”user.cfg”, and you also have to choose “All Files”, otherwise we might save it with the wrong file extension. Then just save the file in the default installation location that should be “C:/Program Files(x86)/Origin Games/STAR WARS Battlefront II”, otherwise choose the correct path where you installed the game.

Now if you dropped your own “user.cfg” config file with your favorite console commands in the right game folder, the game will load them on start and the commands will be activated permanently. If you decide to disable certain commands again, you just have to remove the line of the command from the file. If you want to disable all of them, you could even delete the whole file. I published a list of Battlefront 2 console commands, check the list out to discover commands that you can use in a config file. The past has shown that some might work in the console but not in the config file and the other way around, but  that’s something you need to test because some commands were buggy in other games.

Temporary annotation: The guide will be updated during beta. I have to prepare these guides earlier, and I might need to update certain information’s when I notice something changed during beta. Excuse me, I will check if some things have changed and I will update my guide accordingly. Same for related links to my other articles, I might have to add cross-references in case I wrote related articles.

Last Words

Now you know how to create a config file for Star Wars Battlefront 2. If you think I helped you with this guide, you might want to help me too. You could for example share this guide in your gaming circles, for example through your social media channels. I am motivated to write more gaming guides if I see people read them. If you think something is wrong in my guide, if you want to add additional knowledge or if you want to discuss something related, check out my comment section below! Otherwise, happy gaming!


8 thoughts on “How To Create A Config File For Star Wars Battlefront 2

  1. You yourself at least tried it before you advise?
    user.cfg – DONT WORK
    ….drawfps 1 – Works only if write in the game

    1. I wrote these guides during beta. Since I am not interested to purchase the game, I can’t tell you if things still work or not, or if it will work in the future. Thanks for your information.

      1. Why keep this up?! Just put a disclaimer up that it doesn’t work. Who the hell cares about some beta ages ago if it doesn’t work in the final product. I had to check these comments to find out why this crap isn’t working.

        1. Hey fuckwit, what about learning to define search queries in Google or simply using their tool to define the timeframe for search results? I have 2317 posts on my site, the very nature of a blog is that some things get outdated and you can’t always go back in time and change things, because besides the hobby of blogging there are other things going on in life. Noticing your attitude and the way you wrote your comment, I thought it might make sense to get down to your level.

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