Flying Tuxedo Cat

The Flying Tuxedo Cat

Today I found this gem while browsing YouTube for news and other things. During an American football match in the Miami Hard Rock Stadium between the Miami Hurricanes and the […]

beacon theme on tablet

Beacon Theme Specifications

Introduction This is some kind of an emergency post about the Beacon theme that I used with my site for a long time. Once in a while, when I couldn’t […]

guitar thumbnail

Manic Guitar Sound

I did fiddle a bit around with AmpliTube 5 yesterday. I am using this amp sim since the release but it’s always fun to create new setups within the software, […]

somewhere in our city

Beautiful District

Not much to say about this snapshot, except that we have some beautiful districts in Lübeck.

watching trains

Watching Trains

Kids love trains, at least I heard of several kids that do and I haven’t been any different when I was young. My grand cousin is no different either. I […]