How To Limit The FPS In Star Wars Battlefront 2


In this article you will learn how to limit the FPS in Star Wars Battlefront 2. This was already possible in previous Electronic Arts titles, and also in some games of other publishers and developers. I don’t want to go into detail to tell you examples where it would make sense to limit the FPS. The discussion if it makes sense or not never gets anywhere. I do usually limit my FPS, and since you are reading this article, you came here because you want to do the same. So, now let’s take a look how we can limit the FPS in Star Wars Battlefront 2…

Temporary annotation: The guide will be updated during beta. I have to prepare these guides earlier, and I might need to update certain information’s when I notice something changed during beta. Excuse me, I will check if some things have changed and I will update my guide accordingly. Same for related links to my other articles, I might have to add cross-references in case I wrote related articles.

How To Limit The FPS In Battlefront 2

If you just want to cap the FPS once to test something, here is what you can do:

  1. To cap the FPS, we need to open the console of Battlefront 2 with the tilde key (~).
  2. Next we will type the command “gametime.maxvariablefps 61” without quotation marks, and you can replace the number with a float value of your choice, which means you use the number that you want to cap the FPS at. In the case of 61, the FPS won’t go higher than that.
  3. If you typed the command into the console, just hit the return key to confirm the setting.

How To Cap The FPS Permanently

For testing, the solution above is enough, but I am sure you want to cap the FPS permanently. The solution above will only work until you restart the game, then you would have to type the command again into the console. To set the FPS cap permanently, we need to create a config file, so let’s see how that works…

  1. Learn how to create a Battlefront 2 config file and create your own file.
  2. Add “gametime.maxvariablefps 61” in it’s own line and without quotation marks into the file.
  3. Done! If you want to disable the FPS limitation, you can remove the command from the file.

Side Note

You also want to check if the FPS limit is really working. You can of course use external software to monitor your FPS, but can also use a console command to enable a small FPS display in Battlefront 2. It will be shown in the corner of your display when it’s enabled. On this way you can see if your FPS cap is working.

Last Words

There are other interesting console and config commands for Battlefront 2. If you think you can add additional knowledge, your information’s and related discussion is very welcomed in the comment section below. If you think this guide was helpful, you would also help me if you share this article in your gaming circles, for example via social media. Otherwise, happy gaming!


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