Heat Wave

There is a heat wave in Europe at the moment, and also here in Germany it’s unbelievable hot and humid. We didn’t have rain for several weeks, it’s just hot and humid and the grass is already yellow, completely burned by the sun. I could deal with the temperatures if there would be a fresh breeze in the evening, but we don’t even have a fresh breeze. It’s even hot at night, so hot that I just slept 2 hours per night and that 3 days in a row. I feel exhausted because of both, the temperatures and the sleep deprivation. I also told myself to stop my fitness routine this week, I need a break because right now I’m feeling sick. I did already complain about the heat two months ago, but right now we’re reaching different levels.

And you know what? They said it gets even hotter within the next days. Oh no! We’re already constantly over 30 °C (perceived temperature of 34 °C), and the humidity makes it worse. And now they said we might get a couple of degrees more the next days. That is just not my thing, especially since there are no days with a breeze or rainy days. It’s very straining. You know what I would do if I would have endless money? I would move further to the North, like Northern Norway, Northern Sweden or even Iceland. I’m not kidding, I would at least purchase a vacation house to escape the incredibly hot and humid summers. I like a moderate or warm climate, but right now, this is too much! The weather makes me edgy. All that would really be fun, but without some fresh days or without rain, you just don’t get a break from the heat, not even during night with opened windows. It’s exhausting.


8 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. I feel your pain. We are also suffering from the heat but thankfully the humidity is not high and we generally do get a bit of a breeze in the evening. Unfortunately it comes from the wrong direction to cool my bedroom — the hottest room in the house. Never again will I get a south-west facing exposure! For now I’m sleeping in the basement waiting for a bit of relief. Hopefully soon. Hang in there!

    1. I think something like 30 °C can be absolutely fine and fun for some time, but if it’s humid on top of that, that’s another story. Also if there is no day with rain, it can’t really cool down. I just realized it’s so much more than just the temperature… all kind of factors can influence if I like a 30 °C summer or not. There have been late summers that I liked, then we had rainy days inbetween, windy days or low humidity. That would be an enjoyable summer for me. But right now, it’s just neverending heat and humidity 😦

      And I feel your pain with the position of the architecture. Years ago I moved into my apartment during winter and loved the apartment, but every single summer I regret it. My living room windows are North-West. So, my living room gets the whole sunset phase… It’s from around 5pm to 9pm in front of my window. The living room gets super hot, also air thoroughly is difficult in this apartment. It’s actually better to go outside seek a place in the shadow 😀

      If I would have a house, I would definitely set up a bed in the basement too! I totally get that idea! I’m in a apartment structure, so sadly the basement is no option 😀

      Hang in there too! 🙂

      1. I hear you about the humidity. In Toronto, my hometown, people always say: ‘It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity’ and the weather forecasts mention not just the temps but the humidex (what it feels like with humidity factored in!).

    1. Oh no! I would die with 40 °C… although I would like to experience Dubai some day because it looks beautiful! But really would have difficulties with the temperatures.

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