sunburned grass

It’s been insanely hot again today in Northern Germany, or that’s at least how it felt. Today it was just 28 degree Celsius, but it felt much hotter than that. We had a couple of these days already and as you can see in the image above, most of the grass here suffered already from the heat and drought. In the evening we got a bit of wind, and it didn’t really cool down, but wind at least makes it bearable. That’s usually also the time where I go running, and after that I can’t await the shower, it feels so good.

But in the middle of the day, the weather is difficult to endure, although I had much more problems with it back then when I didn’t do regular sport. It’s still the point where I have to say that I need to move to Scandinavia, but I have just read a couple of days ago that it’s not much better there these days. It’s just June and I don’t want to know how it will be in August. Maybe I should prepare the basement as a temporary shelter, I’m just kidding. But to be honest, if I would have a house, I would probably really set up an office room in the cold basement.


3 thoughts on “Sunburned

  1. You guys aren’t used to the heat so you don’t have air conditioning. We have window conditioners, but we haven’t used them much. It hasn’t been as hot as usual here. I guess we sent all the heat to you.

    1. Hehe yeah. I know you are not from Florida, but at first I wanted to mention in my post that we have Florida weather here… so, I checked the Florida weather and found out they had and still have rain since weeks… looks pretty much like Baltic Sea weather… the irony. We have it like in Florida, and they have it like in Northern Germany.

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