It’s been insanely hot again today in Northern Germany, or that’s at least how it felt. Today it was just 28 degree Celsius, but it felt much hotter than that. We had a couple of these days already and as you can see in the image above, most of the grass here suffered already from the heat and drought. In the evening we got a bit of wind, and it didn’t really cool down, but wind at least makes it bearable. That’s usually also the time where I go running, and after that I can’t await the shower, it feels … Continue reading Sunburned

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

The recent WordPress photo challenge has the motto “Pure“. I thought I do upload a pure nature shot that I took some time ago in Reinfeld. It’s not that I always do know what I am doing, most often I do just experiment to find out how the photos turn out, and that’s basically what I did when I took the grass photo you can see in this post. It’s pure grass, pure nature, and I love the minimalist approach as pure green looks interesting to me. I hope you like the photo too and check out my other nature … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

Mouse In The Grass

I love the image above. My mother shot the photo and it is the mouse of my half-brother. My mother has a big plant pot on the balcony full of grass. I think it´s the perfect place to shoot mice photos. She took the photo with her Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 I think. I really like how the black and white mouse appears on the green grass background. It´s cute! Continue reading Mouse In The Grass

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

This photo is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV. I shot the photo on the balcony of my mother. The white background is a solar protection wall and the grass is barley grain seed for cats and other pets like mices and other small animals. It can be grawn by the pets. Feel free to find out about all my other photographs or all my other Weekly Photo Challenge Entries. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Just a Photo of a small German Forest in Mölln

I took this Photo in Mölln. It is one of the Photos I took near the Animal Park there I mentioned on the Blog. I do like how all the Moss and Grass is still growing under the Trees. There is still a lot Light of the Sun going through the Branches of the Trees which makes the Photo interesting too. I like the Nature there pretty much. The Nature looks pretty fresh and healthy in my Opinion. Continue reading Just a Photo of a small German Forest in Mölln