It’s been insanely hot again today in Northern Germany, or that’s at least how it felt. Today it was just 28 degree Celsius, but it felt much hotter than that. We had a couple of these days already and as you can see in the image above, most of the grass here suffered already from the heat and drought. In the evening we got a bit of wind, and it didn’t really cool down, but wind at least makes it bearable. That’s usually also the time where I go running, and after that I can’t await the shower, it feels … Continue reading Sunburned

Obligatory “I Hate Hot Weather” Post

I think my obligatory “I hate hot weather” posts do shift to much earlier dates with each new year. Since I do sports again, I can take much hotter weather, but there is a limit. It’s not just about how warm it is, but also about other factors like humidity. But I am sure I wrote about this a ton of times. Today we had 33 degree celsius, while they said in the news that they had 28 degrees in Mexico and 27 degree in Hawaii. It’s just the end of May, and we do already have temperatures that do … Continue reading Obligatory “I Hate Hot Weather” Post

This Gainward GeForce GTX570 Phantom Graphics Card is Roasted

I got my first pre-Christmas surprise yesterday. But it was not a good surprise. I was working on my computer and from one second to the other, ugly graphic artifacts appeared on my screen. I know this is never a good sign and I hoped that there is a problem with a driver as I messed around with the drivers one day earlier. But on the other side I knew, I would have seen the error already yesterday then. In the past I have seen similar symptoms with damaged PCI Express ports of a motherboard, damaged RAM modules or even … Continue reading This Gainward GeForce GTX570 Phantom Graphics Card is Roasted