This Gainward GeForce GTX570 Phantom Graphics Card is Roasted

I got my first pre-Christmas surprise yesterday. But it was not a good surprise. I was working on my computer and from one second to the other, ugly graphic artifacts appeared on my screen. I know this is never a good sign and I hoped that there is a problem with a driver as I messed around with the drivers one day earlier. But on the other side I knew, I would have seen the error already yesterday then.

In the past I have seen similar symptoms with damaged PCI Express ports of a motherboard, damaged RAM modules or even damaged CPU´s if you believe it or not. I knew it will be most likely my graphics card as the card made some trouble since some time anyway, but who knows? I always prefer to check everything. I started to check each of my memory modules and checked out some other potential error sources but the sad conclusion was that my video card got damaged.

I came to this conclusion today when the husband of my mother brought me one of his alternative video cards. He brought me one of this low-end office display adapters, in this case I am talking about the NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS. I replaced my Gainward GeForce GTX570 Phantom with the low-end card and look there? The issue was fixed. I can use the 7100 GS now but it is no graphics adapter which I could use to play games or any other heavy graphics applications. But well, it´s still enough to manage my blog and it is also enough for any office applications or web browsing.

When I had the faulty GTX570 Phantom in my hands now, I noticed (and you might see it on the photos) that either some chips or transistors liquefied. But also soldered seams and I noticed that the whole board had some heat discolorations. It is very obvious that this card got roasted.

But to be honest, that this happened was not a big surprise for me. That was a problematic video card since some time but the problem was that the warranty was already over. I saw artefacts already one month ago but it was just one day and the issue disappeared again. Also there were heat issues as the card was running with 80 and sometimes up to 90 degree celsius in heavy graphics applications. But the performance of the card was still pretty awesome. I checked out if I had some major heat problems in my computer case but I couldn´t find anything to worry about. My conclusion was already months ago that this card is faulty and that it is sad that there was no warranty time left.

So, yesterday was the last day for my GTX570 Phantom. This card can now be considered as damaged, broken, roasted, toasted, fried and what ever funny vocabulary comes to mind. 😀

Sure this is a bad pre-Christmas surprise. I now had to look how I come to a new one as the NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS is not a good alternative when we talk about games and so. It´s enough to bridge the time but I will soon buy a decent and better card. As I liked the GTX570 performance already and as I was even able to play Battlefield 4 on max with this card, I don´t have much bigger demands.

The Phantom 570 did cost me over 400 USD three years ago and this time I don´t really want to pay that much again. Fortunately there are already cheaper cards with better performance on the market. I still will research a little bit more but at the moment I do think that the ATI R9 280X or a NVIDIA GTX760 would be a similar choice. But it still makes me sad that I have to take money from my savings (I actually saved the money for something different).

I also do think about ATI cards. I am somewhat sick of NVIDIA cards but as said I will start with research next days. I have loaned a huge amount of my saving to a family member and I get parts of the money back in january, which means that I can now be happy that I have at least a 7100 GS here to bridge the time. That means I have also some weeks time for research and the decision. And then I will grab a new one in January.


8 thoughts on “This Gainward GeForce GTX570 Phantom Graphics Card is Roasted

  1. Hi Dennis,

    you still have the broken 570 Phantom ?

    I’m very interested at the cooler! in case, you can sell it?

    If you can, contact me please: [email removed by admin]


    1. Hey greetings,

      First of all in case you wonder… I have removed your email adress from your comment due to the fact that there are bots in the internet, that scrape openly published emails from websites around the internet. I mean just for your security.

      Now to your question. I wish I could help you but a friend of mine had the same card but with a broken cooler early this year and he had a little bit luck that I had the same card. He got my 570 and he took some parts. I don´t have this videocard anymore.

      I guess you have the same problem as my friend had? I hope you will find a cooler. I can´t help you out, I am very sorry.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for removing my email address 🙂

        I’m interested basically the cooler.. the piece of metal 😀 ..also without fans, or plastic parts.. for do some experiment 🙂

        I suppose that your friend’s cooler had a problem about the fans.. In case, if you or your friend still have the cooler can you warn me? (I can buy it from you, obviously)


      2. Sorry, no luck. Called him by phone and there are no pieces left apart from the fans that he used, yes. Wish I could help you but sadly I can´t. Only thing I can do is opening my ears to check out if other friends still have parts of the card, as I know some of them had the 570 as well… but I can´t promise anything. An experiment? That sounds interesting! What do you want to do? 🙂

      3. I will keep this in mind. Looks like a cool project! If I hear anything, I will drop a comment here again and also will send you an email. 🙂

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