Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Just until today I didn’t even notice that the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was moved from Friday to Wednesday. I am subscribed and was wondering why there were no more posts on Friday and didn’t realize that some of their Wednesday emails were about the challenges now. Today they came up with the motto “Surprise” and I want to contribute with one photo that I shot last summer in our garden. My mother played with one of her chickens and it looks like she would surprise the chicken with a gift. Excuse me the bad stylized editing, but the photo … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

This Gainward GeForce GTX570 Phantom Graphics Card is Roasted

I got my first pre-Christmas surprise yesterday. But it was not a good surprise. I was working on my computer and from one second to the other, ugly graphic artifacts appeared on my screen. I know this is never a good sign and I hoped that there is a problem with a driver as I messed around with the drivers one day earlier. But on the other side I knew, I would have seen the error already yesterday then. In the past I have seen similar symptoms with damaged PCI Express ports of a motherboard, damaged RAM modules or even … Continue reading This Gainward GeForce GTX570 Phantom Graphics Card is Roasted

How can I get a cat?

Very important prologue… Some people ask “How can I get a cat” and I thought I do write about the topic and what the possibilities are. First of all I really really suggest you to read about cats before you think about getting a cat. I say this because the animal shelter are often full of animals which were set out forsaken anywhere. I do not want to say that you would do the same but please read anyway because a cat is not only fun, a cat is also demanding. I just do mention this because it is a … Continue reading How can I get a cat?