Obligatory “I Hate Hot Weather” Post

I think my obligatory “I hate hot weather” posts do shift to much earlier dates with each new year. Since I do sports again, I can take much hotter weather, but there is a limit. It’s not just about how warm it is, but also about other factors like humidity. But I am sure I wrote about this a ton of times. Today we had 33 degree celsius, while they said in the news that they had 28 degrees in Mexico and 27 degree in Hawaii. It’s just the end of May, and we do already have temperatures that do rather remind me of August. The last year was changeable, I liked that because we had warm days but also rainy days where it cooled down. I hope we will get this mixture this year too, but so far it looks like we will get African climate. Since I still like to go jogging, I do currently either have to do this very early in the morning, or very late in the evening, because during the day I just can’t nor do I want to do it. The heat we had today was literally burning on the skin.


8 thoughts on “Obligatory “I Hate Hot Weather” Post

    1. I understand that. Yesterday it was even hot in the shadow… really not my thing. It makes you want to jump right into the water 🙂

  1. I occasionally like to remind people that “changing climate” means “unstable” climate. Hotter than usual. Colder than usual. Bigger storms than normal. MORE storms than normal. Floods. Droughts. And we never know what we are getting. THAT’s climate change. My friend the meteorologist agrees. It isn’t just melting ice caps. It’s EVERYTHING, including August weather in May.

    I also hate hot weather.

    1. Exactly. It means there are more extremes in all directions. I do believe in climate change as well, it’s absolutely visible that something is up.

  2. I am not a fan of hot weather either and although for me 33 is not unbearable as long as I don’t have to be out in it too long it does seem unusually hot for May in northern Europe. Marilyn is quite right that climate change means unstable weather. We’re just going into winter now and have had our first frosts and snow on the mountains.

    1. Yes, and you’ve been a regular commenter on my anual “the weather is too hot” posts 🙂

      Today it was hot again but we had a bit more wind, that was ok. Yesterday 33 degree, that felt like 45 degree (laugh). Yeah, the weather definitely becomes more extreme and unstable.

      Running in the evening when it’s a bit more windy, that is kinda cool. And I always enjoy the shower afterwards… and then I can open the windows and the climate in my room gets better in the evening 🙂

  3. Urgh I am with you there! Too hot and especially the humidity. I have not travelled much, but once, I was in Rome, and despite it being hot, it was a completely different experience. The humidity sure matters.

    1. Yes exactly… it isn’t so much about the temperature but humidity. If there is wind and so, I really can take hot weather… otherwise I just want to jump right into the water 🙂

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