Thatched Roof

House with a thatched roof

Above is a photo that I shot during a hike near the Wakenitz, a tributary of the Trave River. I like that area because it’s possible to find grey herons and other birds there, but I didn’t have a lot of luck in this area with my Tamron 70-300mm lens. But I still like to walk there, because it’s a beautiful area. So, on my way I found this large house with a thatched roof. Since I was not happy with the original photo, I edited it and came up with the result above. It looks a bit like it was painted, but it is somehow interesting. The original had a too bright green and I didn’t like that, but here is how it looked like before major adjustments…

Thatched Roof house

6 thoughts on “Thatched Roof

        1. Yes, with the Australian temperatures I can imagine this. Here they are a bit of a tradition, but once in a year you hear something about burning roofs here too. Mostly old barns with thatched roofs. So, when there is a fire, thatched roofs make it definitely worse for the firefighter crew.

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