I found the photo above in my library. This is one of many photos that I shot when I started out with my first DSLR camera. It’s somehow funny to see your own photos years later because then you try to understand why you took a particular picture. I think when you start out, you experiment a lot, that’s the first point. I think with this picture I experimented with the angle. I am also sure that I liked the windows, our historic district has some really cool and old-looking buildings. However, the original was rather boring, because the colours … Continue reading Windows

Thatched Roof

Above is a photo that I shot during a hike near the Wakenitz, a tributary of the Trave River. I like that area because it’s possible to find grey herons and other birds there, but I didn’t have a lot of luck in this area with my Tamron 70-300mm lens. But I still like to walk there, because it’s a beautiful area. So, on my way I found this large house with a thatched roof. Since I was not happy with the original photo, I edited it and came up with the result above. It looks a bit like it … Continue reading Thatched Roof


Above is a photo that I shot somewhere in L├╝beck during my hikes. I like the image because it’s somehow framed on a minimalist way. It’s just the beautiful green field in the foreground and a village or district in the background. It’s maybe the line that divides both that makes me like the image. The sky was almost plain blue, but I edited it on a way that you can see the clouds because the plain color was boring. I edited the image weeks ago, but I believe the clouds came through when I lowered the highlights, maybe because … Continue reading Somewhere

A House with a thatched roof on the Baltic Coast

This is one of those typical Houses with a thatched roof you can find often near the Baltic Sea but also near the North Sea in North Germany. But thatched roofs are indeed know and created in other Countrys as well. Thatched roofs have a long History. There is an interesting Article about Thatching on Wikipedia if you want to find out more about Thatching. We made this Photo on our spontaneous Trip to Baltic Sea. Continue reading A House with a thatched roof on the Baltic Coast