Field and Houses

Above is a photo that I shot somewhere in Lübeck during my hikes. I like the image because it’s somehow framed on a minimalist way. It’s just the beautiful green field in the foreground and a village or district in the background. It’s maybe the line that divides both that makes me like the image. The sky was almost plain blue, but I edited it on a way that you can see the clouds because the plain color was boring. I edited the image weeks ago, but I believe the clouds came through when I lowered the highlights, maybe because the sky was overexposed. I hope you like the photo.

5 thoughts on “Somewhere

    1. Yes, this is also why I like to walk there. It’s a good hike when you are a bit lazy because you can see a bit of nature and it’s still within the city. It’s basically a stripe of nature that divides two districts from each other. You can see fields, bushes, streams… and there is a chance to find birds like red kites or eagles due to the fields. It’s a good hiking area for the lazy days 🙂

  1. Wonderful photo 🙂 Oh, how I would love to see the original too, for comparison and inspiration. Hope you are well 🙂

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