Evening Jam With The Bluesbird Guitar

Guild Bluesbird Jam

I was playing with my Guild Bluesbird guitar in the afternoon when I randomly discovered a chord progression that I really liked. That came up after just five minutes playing but I didn’t have a lot of time to do anything with it. But later in the evening I grabbed the guitar again and recorded the chords, because I am addicted to record different chord combinations. They are often useful when you are not inspired, because if you have your own massive library of backing tracks, you just load a track and then you start to improvise a solo. I have 221 backing tracks that I can use to play solos and the folder is growing on a weekly basis because always record my ideas.

But I liked the track that I recorded today in the evening and I didn’t want to wait to do something with it. I did set up my tripod and camera and started playing solos. The first tries didn’t work out well, but eventually I had a nice solo run and I was happy. That was fun, but afterwards comes the annoying part, the syncing of the video and audio file in Adobe Premiere. Trust me, I hate it. Later I discovered that I can use images as transparent overlays with different modes in Premiere. You know, I love image editing, which means it was clear that it would be fun to play with overlays in Premiere. I always liked to play with overlays in Photoshop as well. So, I started experimenting with the video. I found an overlay mode that worked pretty well with one of my abstract photos. It actually started to look very trippy. If you like, you can look and listen…

Do you like the trippy overlay? What do you think? And what do you think about the improvised song and solo?


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