Beautiful Small Bird

Here is the Eurasian blue tit again, I showed you photos of this species a couple of times already. The photo in this post was shot last March under bad weather conditions and after I got my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I edited the image to make it a bit brighter but sadly I also had to crop the image to show you the subject. I think there was luck involved, I just pressed the shutter button at the right time, and it’s cool that I did so before the bird flew away. My bird photo collection get bigger and bigger, … Continue reading Beautiful Small Bird

White Wagtail On The Footpath

I think I found the white wagtail today. I never had a lot of knowledge about birds, I just knew common birds, but I start to learn more about them since I take photos of the birds I find on my way when I go hiking. Today when I saw this small bird in front of me on the footpath, I thought it would be a young great spotted woodpecker, because they have a similar black and white head as well, but at home I researched more and now I think that the bird in my photo is a white … Continue reading White Wagtail On The Footpath

Walking Rook Bird

When I go outside for a walk with my camera, I pay a lot of attention to the things around me, and I usually decide if it’s worth to take a picture in a situation or not. But to be honest, sometimes I just take a photo without thinking a lot about it, I talk about random photos that I take spontaneously. This can happen if I am curious how the photo would turn out, if I want to see something up close later on the computer screen, if I am experimenting, or just for the fun to press the … Continue reading Walking Rook Bird