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White Wagtail On The Footpath

I think I found the white wagtail today. I never had a lot of knowledge about birds, I just knew common birds, but I start to learn more about them since I take photos of the birds I find on my way when I go hiking. Today when I saw this small bird in front of me on the footpath, I thought it would be a young great spotted woodpecker, because they have a similar black and white head as well, but at home I researched more and now I think that the bird in my photo is a white wagtail. I have read they are most of the time somewhere on the ground, often near ponds, and that’s where I found this bird, and it’s rather unlikely that you will find a woodpecker on the ground.

Generally, the description from certain bird websites did fit, and the Google image search made me even more sure that it’s indeed a white wagtail. That’s one of the many reasons why I like photography, I can learn more about the nature around me. I am glad that I have set up a folder structure on my PC where I do archive my photos, I do for example have a bird folder and I created sub folders there with the bird names, and it seems it starts to become a collecting passion. I am still a bid sad that I couldn’t get closer to the white wagtail, but it’s at least the first time I took a photo of this bird. I believe I will miss this place when I am back at home at some point, even if the place is not far away from my hometown, but it’s still so much more practical to enjoy the place as long as I am still here in Reinfeld.


    • That’s true, in summer it’s so much more beautiful here, I liked it in the winter but now it’s really super beautiful. It’s strange, now I don’t know anymore what I prefer more, living in the country or in a medium city like my hometown? I see advantages with both places, but yes, I really start to like the living in the country 🙂

      • I think as you get older and do less partying and going out on the town you appreciate more what the country has to offer. Reinfeld is so close to Lubeck it would be an ideal place to try country living. You can be in the city in a very short space of time.

        • Exactly, back then I wouldn’t have liked it because as a young person you get the best action in the city, and of course the best drinks 🙂 Today it’s definitely different. I am not a person for big changes, but who knows, maybe at some point, country living could be something for me in the future. Today I got a phone call, a friend was bored and wanted to try out his new car, he thought he could hit two birds with one stone and asked me if I would have time in Reinfeld. We hiked around the pond, and I showed him some things like a megalithic grave in the forest and so on. We finished the day with an ice cold beer on the terrace… he liked the hike and the nature too 🙂

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