Common Chaffinch Song

Common Chaffinch

Today during my hike, I noticed a singing bird in the tree, it was the common chaffinch you can see in the photo of this post. I thought that I would have no chance to take a photo, because these small birds are often very shy, and if they are somewhere in the trees, the distance is a problem as well. I often try to take the photos anyway, because I can decide at home if they are good or if I want to delete them. In this case, the bird was two meters above me, I went a few steps back to get a better angle, and I was happy that the bird still didn’t fly away so that I could press the shutter button. Next I listened to the common chaffinch song and thought I try to record a short video. I didn’t have a tripod with me, I had to hold the camera as steady as possible, but even if this was not easy with the lens set to 300mm, the resulting video is not too bad. I thought I show you the common chaffinch song with the following video…


7 thoughts on “Common Chaffinch Song

    1. Bird songs are relaxing, I like to listen to them in the parks or in the forest, and I’d like to learn to be able to distinguish between the bird songs, maybe I can do this some day. 🙂

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